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Refugio County



Communities in Refugio County:

  • Town of Austwell
  • Town of Bayside
  • Town of Refugio
  • Town of Woodsboro 
  • Unincorporated Tivoli


Town of Austwell

Located in the northeastern portion of Refugio County the Town of Austwell is a charming bayside community. Austwell is surrounded by fertile farms, the waters of Hynes Bay, and the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. Bird watchers wishing to view the rare whooping crane who makes its winter home in the refuge will pass through Austwell. During the summer months human visitors take over taking advantage of the their summer homes and the community fishing pier and boat launch. Austwell is located a short drive from all the facilities located in the Port of Victoria.


Town of Bayside

Bayside is located on the Copano Bay where hummingbirds, waterfowls, and wading birds often stop by. You can enjoy the bay and bird watch at the same time. 


Town of Tivoli 

Tivoli is a small community surounded by farmlands, rich with grain sorghum, corn, and cotton . There are numerous ranches also located in the area. Approaching Tivoli from the south, bucolic scenes beckon the visitor into this sleeply little Texas Town. 


Town of Refugio

The Town of Refugio, Texas is the County sead of Refugio County. Entering Refugio from the south, one is immediately greeted by the sight of the historic old homes and the iconic symbol of all Refugio County, Our Lady of Refuge Catholic Church. From several miles away its majestic steeple rises above the tree line, beckoning the visitors to this small, transquil Texas Town. 

There are several historical markers in the immediate vicinity of the church documenting the old Spanish mission. Rich in the history of Texas, there are many other historical markers in Refugio as well as an outstanding museum. The Refugio School system is considered excellent and has produced many professisonls. Grauduates excel in fields such as business, engineering, medicine, mathematics, science and computers. 


Town of Woodsboro

The Town of Woodsboro is located right off of State Highway 77.Woodsboro offers a wide range of events, from outdoor seasonal festivals and sports competitions, to spending time in the parks and relaxing with family and friends for an afternoon of outdoor fun. 



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