Refugio County has the transportation infrastructure you need to efficiently and effectively move your supplies in and ship your product out.  Refugio County can easily connect you to either the transportation hub of Houston, our trading partner Mexico, or the Port of Corpus Christi.  Whether you choose to move your goods by truck, train, ship, barge, or pipeline you can find the options you need here in Refugio County.


Refugio County contains over 40 miles of interstate quality roads.  US Highway 77 will be the future Interstate 69 corridor and connects us to Houston and the Rio Grande Valley.  US Highway 183 connects our community to the Eagle Ford Shale immediately to our north and Austin.  These two corridors are heavily traveled roads by industry and travelers as well.  In our eastern reaches we have the scenic State Highway 35 providing access to various coastal communities.  

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Rail transportation is provided through Class I Rail service from Union Pacific with track rights given to Kansas City Southern.  For more information on what it would take to get rail service to your site click here...



Refugio County is connected to the Port of Corpus Christi via rail or interstate quality highway.  The bustling Port is the United States 5th busiest port in terms of tonnage.  You can easily ship your goods in or out via Refugio County.  We have the space to store, assemble, or manufacture your goods in proximity to the shipping channels you need.  

We are also uniquely positioned directly adjacent to the Port of Victoria's barge canal offering direct connection to the Intercoastal Waterway for your domestic shipping needs.  


Our community is served by Rooke Field (KRFG) owned by Refugio County and operated by Ruth Vandervlugt.  Rooke Field is a line of sight asphalt airstrip with two runways of 4361 ft and 3000 ft.  

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