Consumers in Texas are free to choose their Retail Electric Providers from a wide range of companies.  Consumers can go to the Texas Public Utility Commission's website to compare retail electric providers.  American Electric Power (AEP) is the wire company  (also called Transmission and Distribution Utility) that actually delivers electricity to homes and businesses in Refugio County. AEP reads the meters, responds to service interruptions, and maintains the poles and wires.

Website: http://www.saveonenergy.com/aep-electric/


Water is provided through a municipal water system in each Town in Refugio County.  Consumers in Tivoli receive their water through a Water Conservation and Improvement District.  All water systems draw groundwater as their source of municipal water from the Gulf Coast Aquifer through water wells.  The Refugio County Groundwater Conservation District is charged with managing this valuable resource.  


Centerpoint Energy provides natural gas for Refugio County. 


Wired broadband internet service is provided in the Town of Refugio County through AT&T and Time Warner.

Wireless broadband through satellite providers are available in the remainder of the county through Exede Satellite Internet (www.exede.com) and HughesNet (http://hughesnetplans.com/)

You can also find addtional information through Allconnect at the following link: https://www.allconnect.com/internet/in-my-area.

For information on the availability of broadband in Refugio County please see the summary provided by Broadband Map.gov.